Enjoy state-of-the-art care with the FotoFinder device at Clear Skin Dermatology

Regular and routine skin cancer screenings ensure early diagnosis and effective treatment. Dr. Sanjay Siddha and his team at Clear Skin Dermatology encourage patients to be proactive about these screenings and have them performed annually by a dermatologist. Additionally, patients should be working with dermatological professionals who offer advanced skin imaging systems for the most accurate diagnosis. Dr. Siddha is pleased to provide the FotoFinder device at his Toronto, Ontario, area practice.

What is the FotoFinder?

The FotoFinder device is a specialized skin and hair imaging system developed to ensure doctors can provide their patients with modern dermatology services, including skin cancer screenings, hair assessments, and other skin concerns. This tool can help with mole mapping,often done to monitor mole development throughout the body to catch skin cancer in its earliest stages.

What is the FotoFinder used for?

The FotoFinder device has a dermoscope that can screen patients for cancer, specifically with mole mapping and dermoscopy for unusual or concerning skin lesions. Additionally, the device can be used for before-and-after photography of the skin and hair, allowing our team to follow one’s journey toward better skin health and appearance. This skin imaging device opens the door to many opportunities for both patient and doctor, using today’s unique technology and advanced modalities and applying them to everyday situations. Dr. Siddha consistently reinvests into his practice to provide the best possible solutions for every patient’s skin and hair needs–both medical and cosmetic!

Schedule your FotoFinder mole mapping appointment with our team at Clear Skin Dermatology!

Dr. Siddha believes in providing not only advanced aesthetic treatments but also skin imaging systems for skin cancer screenings. If you live in or around the area of Toronto, Ontario, and want to speak to him about an upcoming screening, call his office at (416) 963-5955 to request an appointment at the practice located at 1366 Yonge Street in Room 309. He has a second practice in Newmarket, Ontario, reachable at (905) 235-5232 and is accepting new patients at both locations.