Use the Clarity laser device for vascular imperfections and permanent hair reduction and removal.

If you are troubled by facial redness caused by vascular concerns or want to find a way to permanently reduce or remove the hair on the face or body, our team at Clear Skin Dermatology in Toronto and Newmarket, Ontario, may suggest the many benefits of a specialized treatment known as the Clarity laser device. The Clarity laser treatment can be used in various ways to help patients look and feel their best, ensuring safe and effective results under the care of Dr. Sanjay Siddha and his team!

Are you tired of seeing facial redness?

Clarity vascular treatments are an extremely effective way to reduce the appearance of redness and superficial veins. Many of our patients find that noticeable veins and redness are easily addressed with just a few treatments of the Clarity vascular laser.

Clarity Laser Device

Photo courtesy of Lutronic Medical Systems Germany GmbH

How does Clarity vascular reduction work?

Clarity is a unique device that utilizes laser energy that is absorbed by the actual blood vessels and converts them with heat, shrinking them to greatly reduce or even eliminate their overall appearance.

What vascular conditions can Clarity treat?

Vascular lesions usually arise from natural and environmental sources, including sun damage, genetics, and aging. Clarity has proven over the years to be an effective way of treating a myriad of conditions, including:

  • Rosacea.
  • Spider veins.
  • Facial veins.
  • Broken capillaries.

What about laser hair reduction and removal?

In addition to providing vascular treatments, the Clarity laser device is also used at our office to remove unwanted hair on the face and body. Permanent facial hair reduction and removal, as well as body hair reduction and removal, can be achieved using the Clarity laser. The laser device damages the hair follicles to keep them from producing hair in the active growth phase. Our team can evaluate you and discuss whether you might benefit from this or other skin care treatments available at our office.

Discover the power of the Clarity laser treatment at Clear Skin Dermatology in Toronto and Newmarket, Ontario!

Achieve clear and radiant skin with a single visit! Get rid of skin imperfections with our laser hair reduction and vein treatments using the Clarity device at Clear Skin Dermatology. To learn more and book an appointment, please call our Toronto office at (416) 963-5955 or our New Market office at (905) 235-5232.