What are clinical trials, and how can I participate in one?

We are pleased to offer our patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials at our office. At Clear Skin Dermatology, we are committed to furthering scientific research into common skin conditions. We work routinely with researchers looking for advanced treatment alternatives for a wide range of skin concerns, from psoriasis to overactive sweating, from acne to rosacea.

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials help contribute to dermatology clinical research and studies regarding specific skin conditions and disorders. From rosacea to hyperpigmentation, melasma to psoriasis, clinical trials are used to test new treatment options and ensure they are both safe and effective for patients with unique or common skin concerns. Patients can speak to Dr. Sanjay Siddha and his team at Clear Skin Dermatology of New Market and Toronto, Ontario, to find out if there is a current or later clinical trial that is used to address a patient’s unique concerns. This is a great way to stay at the forefront of the latest treatment options for perplexing or challenging skin conditions that may not be responding to treatments that are currently available on the market.

How can I play a role in clinical research?

If you are open to being a participant in a clinical trial through Clear Skin Dermatology, we welcome you to connect with our front office team to learn about the current opportunities available and to be contacted in the future for clinical trials that may arise.

How do I learn more about participating in a clinical trial at Clear Skin Dermatology?

Be a part of the future and learn more about clinical trial participation at our dermatology offices. We invite you to call one of our two office locations to talk to our front desk team about the current and future clinical trials. Our Toronto, ON office can be reached by dialing (416) 963-5955, and our New Market, ON office can be reached by dialing (905) 235-5232. We are open to patients in and around the communities of Uxbridge, Bradford, Keswick, King City, Enniskillen, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Addington, St. Lawrence, and Davisville Village, ON.