Rediscover your youth with CO2 laser resurfacing treatments

If you are concerned about sun-damaged skin, facial scarring, or overall facial rejuvenation, the team at Clear Skin Dermatology in Toronto and Newmarket, Ontario, may recommend our fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment. This treatment offers numerous benefits and can help improve your skin’s appearance and health. Dr. Sanjay Siddha and his team often recommend this service to those seeking rejuvenation of the face and treating various skin imperfections with a single treatment option.

Young Girl getting co2 laser treatment.

How does CO2 laser resurfacing work?

Fractional resurfacing is a versatile treatment that can address a variety of skin concerns, from minor damage to more significant issues. This particular treatment is best for reducing skin imperfections, promoting collagen regeneration, improving skin texture and tone, and boosting overall health and wellness.

Dr. Siddha will discuss your treatment needs during your initial consultation appointment. The results vary depending on your age, the degree of sun damage, your unique skin type, and what parameters we use. Patients who have undergone the CO2 procedure report significant changes in just one appointment. This facial rejuvenation treatment can:

  • Reduce facial lines and wrinkles.
  • Give the skin a firmer, smoother appearance.
  • Improve the appearance of scarring.
  • Reduce sun damage, including brown spots or “age spots”.
  • Reduce blotchy skin and blend skin color.
  • Improve vascular and pigmented conditions.

Achieve flawless skin with CO2 laser resurfacing at Clear Skin Dermatology in Toronto and Newmarket, Ontario!

Our dermatologist, Dr. Sanjay Siddha, provides safe and effective treatments for a rejuvenated complexion using fractional CO2 laser treatment for facial enhancement. If you live in the area and want to speak to our team about your options for skin rejuvenation, now is the time to ask about our specialized treatments and advanced services in our state-of-the-art dermatological facility. Call one of our two office locations, Toronto, at (416) 963-5955 or New Market at (905) 235-5232 today to request a consultation visit with our team and get started on your journey with Clear Skin Dermatology!