Enjoy the Hollywood laser peel with the Spectra laser device at Clear Skin Dermatology.

Are you seeking a treatment to remove troublesome acne scarring, improve skin tone and texture, and reduce unwanted pigmentation? Do you want a solution to fine lines and wrinkles? If this sounds like you and you reside in or around Newmarket and Toronto, Ontario, Dr. Sanjay Siddha and his team at Clear Skin Dermatology may suggest the Spectra laser treatment for skin rejuvenation. This device is used to complete the Hollywood laser peel for dramatic results in a short time!

Hollywood laser Peel With The Spectra Laser Treatment

What is a Hollywood Laser Peel?

The Hollywood laser peel is best described as a painless, no downtime, highly requested laser procedure known internationally that can instantly create a glowing, radiant appearance in both men and women. It got its “Hollywood” name due to its popularity among those walking down the red carpet. It is now being requested for special occasions, by brides-to-be, and even high school proms. Once patients receive this treatment, they notice a reduced need for cover-up cosmetics after treatment, leading them to incorporate it into their monthly routine.

What can I expect during my Spectra laser peel treatment?

Before your procedure, a light layer of the Spectra carbon lotion is administered onto your skin and needs to be set for up to 15 minutes before beginning. Then, one pass of the Spectra laser sets the carbon on the skin. You will notice snapping sounds as the laser light energy is fired and might feel slight warmth and tingling as the laser takes away the carbon and the upper layer of the skin. The procedure takes up to 30 minutes and helps to target the pigmentation in the skin to break it up while heating the skin’s dermis, which stimulates the natural production of collagen.

Discover the power of Spectra Laser treatment at Clear Skin Dermatology in Toronto.

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