Using microneedling to enhance skin texture, tone, and health

If you are beginning to notice the formation of fine lines and wrinkles across the face, along with other imperfections such as large pores and uneven complexion, you might benefit from certain cosmetic procedures available at Clear Skin Dermatology, such as microneedling. Dr. Sanjay Siddha and his team in Toronto and Newmarket, Ontario, can evaluate you and determine if you could benefit from this tried-and-true skin service to clear the skin and boost a more youthful look!

What is microneedling?

Microneedling Treatment 2

Microneedling is one of today’s safest, fastest, and most comfortable ways to address a wide range of skin imperfections and concerns. This treatment uses a device with super-fine needles that lightly penetrate the skin’s surface. In doing this, it creates micro-injuries that trigger the skin’s wound and healing process. This boosts the natural production of collagen and elastin, which improves the skin’s appearance and health. Over time, you will see a newer, fresher complexion and fewer skin imperfections.

Is microneedling painful?

While the idea of hundreds of tiny needles puncturing the skin sounds extremely painful, our team ensures you are completely comfortable during your service. We administer a numbing cream to the skin’s surface before starting the procedure. Patients find that after their treatment, their skin may be slightly red and uncomfortable, similar to having a mild sunburn. However, as the skin rejuvenates, patients will see amazing results, especially when having regular treatments performed at Clear Skin Dermatology with our skilled and experienced team of professionals!

Schedule time to talk to Dr. Sanjay Siddha and his team about microneedling services

Improving your skin’s appearance and health is easy with microneedling from our quality dermatologist. If you want to learn more about this or other skin improvement treatments, we welcome you to call our practice to request an initial consultation visit. Call our Toronto, ON office at (437) 524-0489, serving patients in the areas of Davisville Village, St. Lawrence, Downtown Toronto, and Addington, or our Newmarket, ON office at (905) 508-2710, serving patients in the areas of Aurora, Richmond Hill, Enniskillen, King City, Keswick, Bradford, and Uxbridge.