Skin cancer screenings, diagnosis, and treatment

Skin cancer. Just hearing these two words can leave any patient fearful of their future. Fortunately, because skin cancer is one of the easier cancers to spot in the earliest stages, it is also one of the simplest to treat! Patients with an early diagnosis and effective treatment will reap the benefits of being proactive in screening for cancer and knowing the signs and symptoms.

How often should I have skin cancer screenings?

Because this type of cancer is best treated in its early stages, Dr. Sanjay Siddha and his team at Clear Skin Dermatology of Newmarket and Toronto, Ontario, encourage patients to visit the office once a year for their annual skin cancer check. If any growths or changes occur between appointments, patients should also make an extra visit for further evaluation.

Skin Cancer 2

What happens after a diagnosis of skin cancer?

After a skin cancer diagnosis, finding an appropriate treatment is the next step, which is designed for the type of cancer detected and its location. Some treatment choices include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy. Each of these treatments has different side effects and outcomes depending on the individual’s specific situation.

Surgery is the most typical treatment for skin cancer. This involves removing the cancerous tissue along with some surrounding healthy tissue to ensure all cancer cells are removed. Depending on the specific size and the exact location of the tumor, surgery may be a simple excision or a more advanced removal known as Mohs micrographic surgery.

How do I find out more about skin cancer?

Our team at Clear Skin Dermatology is pleased to offer skin cancer screenings, diagnosis, and treatment for those who are in the early stages of skin cancer. With an early diagnosis and effective treatment, many patients can go on to lead long, fulfilling lives! If you live in or around the areas of Newmarket or Toronto, ON, and want to speak to Dr. Sanjay Siddha about skin cancer symptoms, signs, and actions, call one of the two office locations to request an initial screening and talk to our team about your skin care needs! Call our Toronto, ON office at (437) 524-0489 or our Newmarket, ON office at (905) 508-2710.