Mole Removal and Extraction Services at Clear Skin Dermatology

Moles can be problematic for some patients. For certain individuals, they may change in shape, size, and color, which is often an indication of skin cancer. For others, these moles are benign and located on the face or body where they are highly noticeable or rubbing and causing discomfort. At Clear Skin Dermatology, we help Newmarket and Toronto, Ontario, patients with mole removal and extraction with the help of our provider, Dr. Sanjay Siddha, and his team.

Mole Extractions

What are moles?

Dr. Siddha defines moles, also known as nevi, as small clusters of pigmented cells that can develop on the skin. They often range in color from pink to brown or black and may be flat or raised. While most common moles are harmless and do not require medical attention, they can sometimes cause concern. Changes in a mole’s size, shape, or color indicate issues such as skin cancer and should definitely be evaluated by a dermatologist.

In fact, our team at Clear Skin Dermatology encourages patients of all ages to visit their dermatologist annually for a skin cancer screening, during which a patient will be examined from head to toe for any signs of cancerous skin cells. If any are found, a sample is removed, called a biopsy, and evaluated to determine if cancerous skin cells are present in the mole and surrounding skin tissue. Early detection and the effective treatment of skin cancer are critical for successful outcomes in patients diagnosed with skin cancer.

What can I expect with mole extraction and removal?

The process of mole removal is relatively quick and straightforward. At Clear Skin Dermatology, our team uses various techniques to remove moles safely, including surgical excision or shave removal. Dr. Siddha determines the most suitable method for each patient based on the size, location, and type of mole being removed.

Clear Skin Dermatology provides skilled mole extraction services in Newmarket and Toronto, Ontario.

Trust our experienced dermatologist, Dr. Sanjay Siddha, to safely and effectively remove moles, giving you clear, blemish-free skin in a single appointment! Call one of our two office locations to request your appointment and learn more about your mole, skin tag, or growth removal treatment options. Call our Toronto office at (416) 963-5955 or our New Market office at (905) 235-5232.