What is the PicoSure laser treatment, and is it right for me?

At Clear Skin Dermatology of New Market and Toronto, Ontario, Dr. Sanjay Siddha and his team can treat a wide range of both cosmetic and medical dermatology concerns. This includes pigmentation, which can be present on the skin and highly noticeable. Pigmentation concerns, including freckles, birthmarks, and even old tattoos, can be alleviated using laser technologies. Our practice is pleased to serve patients in the area by providing PicoSure laser treatments. Using the most modern solutions for skin enhancement, we can ensure you feel more confident in the skin you’re in!

What is the PicoSure laser?

Girl is Touching Her Pimpled Face

The PicoSure laser is a highly effective way for patients to address pigmentation concerns, whether it be hyperpigmentation in the skin or an unwanted tattoo. This treatment allows patients to improve their skin’s appearance by penetrating it with laser energy to break down the pigmentation in the skin. When used for a tattoo, it specifically targets the ink and allows patients to fade their tattoos with each treatment session.

What can PicoSure treat?

The PicoSure laser plays a role in treating several conditions, making it a versatile device that helps patients achieve healthier, more attractive skin. Our team uses this device for numerous purposes:

  • PicoSure for melasma
  • PicoSure for pigmentation
  • PicoSure for laser tattoo removal

Schedule a time to talk to Dr. Sanjay Siddha about the PicoSure laser treatment

New Market and Toronto, Ontario, patients who want to improve their skin’s overall appearance are encouraged to learn about the many benefits of integrating PicoSure treatment. Clear Skin Dermatology has two convenient practice locations to help you achieve the results you desire when it comes to skin enhancement, and Dr. Sanjay Siddha encourages you to book an appointment at either office to request a consultation visit. Our Toronto office can be reached by calling (437) 524-0489, and serves patients in the areas of Davisville, St. Lawrence, Downtown Toronto, and Addington, ON, while our New Market office can be reached by calling (905) 508-2710, and serves patients in the areas of Aurora, Richmond Hill, Enniskillen, King City, Keswick, Bradford, and Uxbridge, ON.